Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When Apartments Need Skip Bins, Things Get Difficult

My apartment building recently got a skip bin for residents to put rubbish in that they had either been storing in their parking spot or that were bulky items. The bin was simply placed in the drive way (rather close to an awning) but we no one said how high to fill the bin. This I think was not a good move on the strata's part because by the end of the week and a half that the skip bin was out the front it was well overfilled. Unfortunately I only got the photo part way through the week so it doesn't show how full it was when Dats Skip Bins came to collect it.

Overfilling bins is a big issue for skip bin service providers in Australia who must ensure that the load on the back of the truck is covered and that no items are going to fly of the back of the marell truck. Additionally if the skip bin has been overloaded with heavy wastes the truck may also be overweight. This can have dire consequences in terms of the drivers and other road users safty and also may attract large fines.
Nathanael Shergold Software Engineer

Nathanael has worked delivering software to the Waste Management industry for various purposes for the last decade. He loves both running and cycling and spends many hours training every week.

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