Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Skip Bin Hire Online?

While skip bins have been "online" for some time now, which allows the consumer to purchase their skip bin hire on the web through a middle man, everyday service providers who deliver these services have not been able to direcly advertise and allow consumers to choose to use their services over anothers based on anything but price. This is due to the misconception that the only thing that matters to someone who wants to hire a skip bin is price.

Although price is obviously an important factor when deciding which service provider is the "best" there are also other factors. These other factors include many personal preferences like whether or not you want the driver to be curtious or if you mind how many times he curses while he is dropping off and picking up the skip bin. Addittionally there may be other costs involved with hiring the skip bin that may not be fully disclosed at the time of booking. These costs include things like including matresses in the rubbish to be removed.

Some consumers have more complex requirements than they often care to understand prefering to "leave it to the professionals". This is evedent in the building industry where larger firms will often have a number of skip bins to dispose of different types of waste products rather than a single large skip bin so that they can pay lower rates for wastes that are either recyclable or are not hazardous.
Nathanael Shergold Software Engineer

Nathanael has worked delivering software to the Waste Management industry for various purposes for the last decade. He loves both running and cycling and spends many hours training every week.

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