Sunday, August 1, 2010

Conversion Optimisation for Skip Bin Bookings

Often what logically makes sense when dealing with internal data structures and search algorithms does not make much sense to the consumer. For instance when dealing with a search for a service in an area the consumer may not have a particular date in mind for the service at this point. Additionally they may not have even considered what types of waste they will be removing from their property.

It is important in these circumstances to ensure that a consumer can browse services and pricing information even if they do not have a clear idea of what they will be purchasing. By delivering the information to the user when they are still in the process of browsing you enable them to extend the experience of searching for a service. This extension means that a consumer is spending more time on your site exploring the possibilities rather than someone else's.

By extending the users experience with your site and making browsing for a service achievable, rather than forcing a user down a funnel they are not ready to take, consumers will be more likely to use your site as the experience was less formidable in terms of this step in purchasing.
Nathanael Shergold Software Engineer

Nathanael has worked delivering software to the Waste Management industry for various purposes for the last decade. He loves both running and cycling and spends many hours training every week.

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